Meet our Research Team!



Our Mission Statement

Mission Research strives to provide the highest quality care and the highest standards for our research patients. Participation in clinical trails allows our patients access to the latest research and treatment development. 

Clinical Research provides quality, clinical research with the highest standards for patient safety.

Mission Research Institute works with top pharmaceutical companies to conduct Phase II-IV clinical research studies in central Texas. Participation in clinical trials allows access to the latest research treatment developments. Mission Research Institute continues to bring you the most promising therapies of the future.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial (part of clinical research) is a research study in human volunteers to answer specific health questions. Carefully conducted, clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work in people and to contribute to medical research.

Current Studies

Participants in clinical trials can play a more active role in their own healthcare, gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, and help others by contributing to medical research. We have many ongoing clinical trials to treat a number of ailments including Device Studies, High Cholesterol, Peripheral Artery Disease, and Hypertension.

Hospital Affiliations:

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels

600 N Union Ave

(830) 606-9111

Resolute Health Hospital

555 Creekside Crossing

(830) 500-6000

Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

1215 E Court St

(830) 379-2411

Mission Cardiac and Vascular institue

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479 Oxford #104

Research Committee:

Frank Rubalcava, MD

Yasser Farra, DO, PharmD

Jamison Wyatt, MD

Michael Benca, MD

Rahul Bose, MD

Clinical Staff:

Hollilyn Miska, MA, CRC

Traci Spivey, LVN, Lead CRC

Research Experience:

2/2019               SOLOIST: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter study to evaluate the effects of SOtagLiflozin on                                      Clinical Outcomes in HemOdynamIcally STable Patients with Type 2 Diabetes POST    worsening Heart Failure   


1/2019               ILLUMENTE BTK: Stellar 0.014 OTW Drug-coated (paclitaxel-coated) angioplasty (Prx PTA) ballon       catheter, provided in diameters                                      ranging from 2-4mm and lenghs up to 150mm  


11/2018             AEGIS-II: A Phase 3 Multicenter, Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Parallel group study to investigate the efficacy and safety of                              CSL112 in subjects with Acute Coronary Syndrome.


5/2018               APPRAISE ATP: Assessment of Primary Prevention Patients receiving an ICD- Systematic

                          Evaluation of ATP  


5/2018               CONNECT: Care Optimization through Patient and Hospital Engagement Clinical Trial for

                          Heart Failure 


1/2018               CHOCOLATE TOUCH: Study to assess the Drug-Coated Chocolate Touch Balloon Catheter’s safety and effectiveness compared to an FDA                                  approved drug-coated balloon. 


7/2017               TOBA II  BTK: Tack Optimized Balloon Angioplasty Study for the Below The Knee Arteries Using the Tack Endovascular System 


4/2017               ZOLL: WCD Regisrty And Study  Of Patient Care Over A Year Period After Use Of WCD 


1/2017               AWAKE: Study on the effects of sacubitril/valsartan on physical activity and sleep in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction patients. 


11/2016             TOBA II: Tack Optimized Balloon Angioplasty Study for the Superficial Femoral and Proximal Popliteal Arteries Using the Tack Endovascular                            System. 


6/2016               LIMBO:Lower-Limb Adentital Infusion of Dexamethsone Via Bullfrog to Reduce Occurrence Of Restenosis After Atherectomy                                                      Revascularization  


3/2016               CHAMP: Observational  Registry  Of Treatment Patterns In U.S Heart Failure Patients With Reduce

                          Ejection Faction 


8/2015               UPSTREAM: Utilization of Ticagrelor in the Upstream Setting for Non-ST-Segment

                          Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome (An ED-Based Clinical Registry) 


7/2015               MIMICS-2: Evaluation of Safety and Effectiveness of the BioMimics 3D™ Stent System in the Femoropopliteal Arteries of Patients with                                      Symptomatic Peripheral Arterial Disease 


7/2015               EXCITE: Excimer Laser Randomized Controlled Study for Evaluation of Femoropopliteal

                          In-stent Restenosis 


5/2015               DANCE PARTNER: Inflammatory Biomarker Analysis by Femoropopliteal Revascularization Method and

                          Treatment Outcomes  


4/2015               ARTEMIS: Affordability and Real-world Antiplatelet Treatment Effectiveness After Myocardial

                          Infarction Study 


4/2015               REDUCE-IT: Reduction Of Cardiovascular Events With EPA- Intervention Trail 


12/2014             ANTELOPE: An Assessment of The Glider Balloon in Complex Lesions 


12/2014             ABLATE: Atherectomy by Laser Ablation with Turbo Elite 


10/2014             PLATINUM DIVERSITY: Outcomes with the Promus Premier


7/2014               LIBERTY 360: To evaluate Acute and Long Term Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Endovascular Device Intervention in Patients with Distal                            Outflow Peripheral Arterial Disease  


5/2014               DANCE: Delivery of Dexamethasone to the Adventitia to Enhance Clinical Efficacy after Femoropopliteal      Revascularization 


7/2013               MACE : Multi-center Prospective Study to Evaluate Outcomes of Moderate to Severely Calcified


6/2013               LEVANT 2: A Prospective, Mulitcenter, Registry of the Lutonix Drug Coated Balloon for Treatment of

                          Femoropopliteal Arteries  


2/2013               CLARITY I: Complete Lesion Assessment with ffR and Ivus TechnologY 


12/2012             GLORIA-AF: Global Registry on Long-Term Oral Anti-thrombotic TReatment In PAtients with

                          Atrial Fibrillation