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Mission   Research Institute has experience in Phase II, III, IV clinical trails in the area of cardiology.Combined our research team has over 30 years of research experience. We are one of the most state-of-the-art research Institutes. Our doctors are affiliated with 3 local hospitals to conduct clinical trails within their facility. Working in affiliation with New Braunfels Cardiology Mission Research Institute has 24-hour contact with 11 board certified cardiologist. In addition to unlimited resources for recruitment. New Braunfels Cardiology and Mission Research is the largest cardiology practice within our surrounding counties. 

Mission Research Institute continues to bring you the most promising therapies of the future. We have many ongoing clinical trials to treat a number of indications: including Device Studies, High Cholesterol, Peripheral Artery Disease, Coronary Artery Disease, and Hypertension.


Our facility offers the following amenities:

Computerized study management tracking system

Remote and Internet data entry experience

Monitor area with access to  phone, fax, copier, shredder and WIFI

Diagnostic Clinic Equipment:

Dry ice daily

Double Locked Drug Storage

Refrigerated Drug Storage

12 lead EKG

-20 C Freezer



Testing Available:

ABI/TBI Testing

Nuclear Stress Testing

Exercise  Stress Testing

Doppler Ultrasound